“Hassan has been consistently knowledgeable, responsive, and enthusiastic. Working with him has been a joy, and his amiable personality goes a long way in distilling complex medical questions into easily palatable content.” – Judson Alpin | Yoxly

Judson Alpin
“Hassan has an extremely warm and positive attitude! He’s a pleasure to know and work with, and I highly recommend working with him. His ambition and drive are unmatched, which stands as a testimony to everything he has achieved so far – and will achieve in the future! I’m excited to see where he goes from here and privileged to be on his journey with him. Looking forward to nurturing our relationship on future projects together.”

Virginia Chachati
Clinical Pharmacist and Freelance Medical Writer
“Hassan turned around good work super fast, took on feedback with ease, and quickly made the revisions requested. Will be working with him again.”

Sebastian Kipman