Portfolio Page: Mental Health, Men's Health, and Sleep​

Man up? Man down

Unhealthy cultural traditions have, over decades, placed unprecedented amounts of pressure on men to ‘hold emotions in’, be unwavering, and to be the breadwinner for their families. This blog looks at the implications of stigma surrounding mental health for men, and suggests ways to overcome the barrier to seeking help.

Is Viagra better than Cialis?

After taking the world by storm in the late 20th century, Viagra's success inspired other pharmaceutical companies to expand the ED treatment market. This blog looks at the reasons why men would choose viagra or cialis.

How erectile dysfunction affects relationships

The anxieties and insecurities attributed to ED are rarely spoken about despite them heavily impacting the outlook of a relationship. This blog looks at ways for men to discuss ED witht their partner and suggests how the issue can bre brought up.

How to improve erectile dysfunction naturally

As we age, the things we were once able to easily do become significantly more difficult. One of which is achieving erections sufficient for sexual intercourse. This blog looks at the natural ways in which men can achieve better erections.

Online pharmacy: Men's health

Patient-facing content written and product information for a UK online pharmacy. Tackling erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and hair loss in men.

Men's Health and Cosmetic Clinic: Men's Health Topics

I provided the copy for all men's health topoics, including subsections under andrology, urology, and penile disorder.

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Treatments, and the Case Against Embarrassment

Breaking down the reasons why erectile dysfunction occurs and showing men that erectile dysfunction is not only normal condition to experience, but one that can be talked about openly without shame.

What’s the Link Between Sleep Apnea and Dementia?

This article produced for a sleep clinic looks at what sleep apnea is and how it is linked to cognitive diseases such as dementia.

Is Fragmented Sleep a Predictor of Mortality?

We all tend to have a night every now and then where our sleep feels broken up whcih leads us to waking up tired. For some people, this break in sleep is constant, and can be a risk factor for a variety of condtions that can eventually lead to mortality.

Pornography addiction: is there hope?

Despite being classified under the DSM-V categorisation model for mental health disease, pornography addiction remains a lesser known addiction for which treatment is hard to come by. Here we look at the stigma behind pornography addiction and the treatments available for the condition.

Dealing with heroin addiction

Heroin is one of the most commonly abused addictive substances in the UK. This article looks at what heroin addiction is, what rehabilitation programs there are for those addicted to the substance, and how to talk about addiction.

How to beat cocaine addiction

The classically known "rock and roll" drug, cocaine, is widely abused in the UK. This article looks at the prevlance of cocaine misuse among the elderly, and provides insight on the various treatments available for said individuals.