Portfolio Page: All Work

Mental Health and Men's Health

My work on breaking down the stigmas attributed to mental health and men's health.

Sexual Health and Women's Health

Bringing to light the current problems faced by women in medicine, from pregnancy complications to being disregarded in research.

Case Study: Online Pharmacy

As a healthcare content marketing writer with a background in clinical pharmacy, and having been educated in the UK, I was approached by an upcoming online pharmacy with regards to creating patient-facing content for their app and website.

Health Reporting & Journalism

Working with various healthcare news publications and reporting stories on pressing healthcare topics.

Cosmetic and Private Surgery Clinics

Providing private surgical practices and an SEO content marketing strategy.

Diet and Wellbeing

Tackling diet myths and providing insight into the wellness industry.

General Health

SEO-optimised content pieces about general health, from looking deeply into lesser known addictions to providing an insight on cardioprotective behaviours.

Digital Health

B2B work about SaaS digital health products aimed to help improve the overall health of employees and reduce the risk of negligent medical practice.