Portfolio Page: Sexual Health and Pregnancy

As a freelance content marketing writer, I have worked with healthcare marketing agencies and independent healthcare brands fighting the stigma behind sexual health conditions, providing those with such problems a safe haven full of crucial information. 

Consequences of Sleeplessness in Pregnancy

Sleeplessness is yet another burden to add on top of the cluster of inconveniences experienced by mothers-to-be. But how does it affect their mental and physical well-being?

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Your brain on oral contraceptives: what does it mean for you?

Studies show that the contraceptive pill has some effect on the brain. What does this mean for those who regularly take the pill?


Mycoplasma Genitalium (MG): What It Is, Symptoms, Testing and Treatment

Taking a deep dive into mycoplasa genitalium, chlamidya's long-lost symptom relative.

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Can you get more than one STI at once?

This blog looks into the possibilty of contracting more than one STI.

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What is bacterial vaginosis? Signs & symptoms

Bacerial vaginosis is a bacterial infection whos symptoms often resemble that of a sexually transmitted infection. This article looks into whether bacterial vaginosis is classified as a seuxally transmitted and answers some misconceptions around the topic.

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Genital Warts: What Are They And How Can You Get Rid Of Them?

This blog tackles the stigma behind genital warts, battles misconceptions with which they're commonly affilitated, and directs those who struggle with the condition the right way towards treatment.

The Most Common STI Symptom? No Symptom at All.

Most people attribute STIs to symptoms of the genital regions. However, that's not the case. This blog looks into how common it is for an STI to be asymptomatic, and how you can ensure you do not have an STI if you have no symptoms.

Can You Get Vaccinated For STIs? In Some Cases, Yes—What You Need To

STIs are a major public health concern. Is it possible to vaccinate against them? This article looks at which STIs have vaccines, and how these vaccines work in preventing STIs.