Case Study: Online Pharmacy

As a healthcare content marketing writer with a background in clinical pharmacy, and having been educated in the UK, I was approached by an upcoming online pharmacy with regards to creating patient-facing content for their app and website.


Scription had their product information written and set in stone previously by another writer. However, what they did not take into account was that their previous writer had limited understanding of the online healthcare sector. There is specific terminology, such as the wording of “safe” “new” and “novl”, which cannot be used in health commmunication, especially when talking about prescription medicines.


My role as a healthcare content marketing writer was to provide Scription with disease information pages aimed at their patients. The intent of these pieces was to educate their patients about each disease, and provide information about the medicines used to treat such diseases.

As a pharmacist, I provided Scription with information similar in quality to that I would give my patient should I have been talking to them in a pharmacy. I distilled the complexities associated with the medicines used for treatment and provided their patients with the necessary information they needed to make an informed decision about their treatment options.

Scription also understands the necessity of SEO. I was tasked with creating bespoke blog pieces that tackle conditions common to the UK whilst optimising keyword use to help boost page engagement. Through the success of the content produced, Scription has gone on to excel, continuously updating their medicines inventory and service directory.

And, going back to the first point, once the Scription app was ready to go live, I gave it one final review. I was able to pick out the incorrect and unsafe terminology used to describe their products, and provided Scription with entire re-writes of the medicines they stock in a way that educates the patient about their mechanisms of action, side effect profile, and dose instructions, without intent of promotion.