Design team for digital products, services and corporation

We create unique websites, digital products of varying complexity and branding for human-centered companies. Our work focuses on a wide variety of cultural, educational, tech and media projects. We try to imbue each one with a sense of simplicity and elegance that we know our clients love and appreciate.

We are an agile collective of consultants and craftspeople with over 10 years of expertise in designing projects that millions of people use every day.

We work with forward-thinking startups, product teams and companies that came to value and share the importance of refined design aesthetic and engineered solutions.

We don’t work for our clients. We work with them.

We use an integrated approach to solving problems, and our team consists of specialists with different competencies. The main composition of the agency is presented in this section.

Our job is to help you bring your product to life. (Sorry not sorry.) That’s why we work extremely closely with you throughout the whole process, essentially becoming a part of your team.

Design isn’t about the way it looks — it’s the best tool to learn what works and what doesn’t before you start coding. (And it’s a lot cheaper.)

We tell brand stories In my own way

Impreza Team is a lean and nimble team of 30 product designers, working in an almost completely flat organization with an absolute minimum of organizational and bureaucratic overhead. No account managers, no producers. No wonder we love startups.

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