Hassan Thwaini

Freelance Medical Copywriter

About Me

I’m a medical copywriter and health reporter with close to a decade of experience in the healthcare industry as a specialist clinical pharmacist, healthcare student, and marketer. 

I thrive on using the right words to remove stigma from pressing medical topics and educating both the public and healthcare professionals about the actions we need to take to ensure we get rid of outdated attitudes towards healthcare.

By honing my clinical expertise and focusing on what my patients want, I provide companies with copy that targets pain points, makes the sale, and establishes individuals as leaders within their field.

10 years

I have a decade of experience in healthcare spanning education, clinical expertise, and marketing.

30+ projects

I have worked on over 30 projects covering the health and fitness industry, from developing clinical trial materials for pharmaceutical companies and patient-facing blogs for leading fitness brands to writing features on essential health news stories.

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